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Divorce and Your Child


Divorce is a reality of today’s family life and is becoming a common transitional mile- marker. Fortunately, clinical research has shown that it is possible to mitigate its negative effects on children and teens. There seems to be an optimal, is a three-year window, in which to help your children adapt to the changes in family life. 
Laura Rosenberg, MA, LCPC is an experienced professional. She has worked with hundreds of families and children, helping them to not only cope with the challenges of divorce, but to eventually thrive! 

With warmth, compassion and humor, Laura can help you:
· Create and focus on your child’s new day-to-day reality
· Identify early signs of trouble and address them before they escalate
· Bring your child through the separation process and help them develop coping and communication skills that will remain with them through life
Even if you child/teen seems to be doing “fine”, it isn’t a bad idea to give them a place to go and vent. If you have been struggling with your divorce, it is possible that your child may not want to burden you with how they are feeling. 
Questions? Laura Rosenberg can be reached at Talktolaura@aol.com